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sqlShark Licensing
  • In layman's term, licensing is provided on a per-user ("Named User") basis.
  • A Customer must purchase a license for each individual user of sqlShark in their organization.
  • A person or a company registered as a licensed user is assumed to be the owner of the license.
  • A user cannot\must not install sqlShark backed by a single license on more than one machine.
  • Floating or concurrent licenses are not available, and once a license is issued it may not be transferred to another user or registered to another username.
  • In simple words, 1 License = 1 User = 1 Machine\Installation .
sqlShark Activation
Please 'Paste' the pre-activation data as obtained from the sqlShark Console below and press 'Submit'.
You would then receive the activation key, please follow the instructions of sqlShark Console thereafter.

Activation key -